December: Christmas in Cusco


Monthly Overview

What to Do

December is one of the great months to visit Peru with loads to do. If you can spend at least ten days here and try to sync your dates to celebrate New Years’ Eve with the locals.

There are a number of traditions that are associated with the welcoming of the New Year. It’s customary to wear yellow underwear and there are also many firework displays. 

December is a good month to get some treking in too, you can try one of the great Cusco treks or embark on an adventure in the cordilleras of Huaraz.

Another option for seasoned hikers is trekking in the Ausangate region, with many different routes and an average trekking altitude of +4,500 masl. 


Dec 25th – Christmas Day: Christmas in Peru has strong religious significance for families especially in the sierra of the Andes. Christmas dinner in the sierra, for example, might be a generous meal of roast turkey or suckling pig, whereas in some coastal areas they will often prepare fish dishes. Usually as part of breakfast or a dessert, it’s custom to have Panetón—a traditional christmas bread cake filled with dried fruits, that is served with a delicicous hot chocolate. 

Dec 27th – La Virgen del Carmen de Chincha: Look out for energetic dancing with all-night music in the peñas (bars or clubs featuring live folkloric music) of El Carmen.

New Year’s Eve: Celebration of the end of the calendar year on December 31st. Peru’s coastal beaches become the focus of the biggest & best party scenes, but you will find similar lively fiestas in any city with plenty of revellers! 

Cusco Climate Conditions

December, the first month of the summer, in Cusco, is also an agreeable month, with average temperature ranging between min 6.5°C (43.7°F) and max 20.8°C (69.4°F).


In December, the average high-temperature is relatively the same as in November – a still pleasant 20.8°C (69.4°F). In Cusco, the average low-temperature is 6.5°C (43.7°F).


In December, the average relative humidity is 59%.


In Cusco, in December, during 16 rainfall days, 122.7mm (4.83″) of precipitation is typically accumulated. In Cusco, during the entire year, the rain falls for 102 days and collects up to 707.8mm (27.87″) of precipitation.


With an average of 12.9h of daylight, December has the longest days of the year in Cusco.


In Cusco, the average sunshine is 5.1h.


Trip Ideas

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