Bolivia is a gem hidden in South America and our tours allow you an opportunity to unravel it. We will take you on an exploration trip to lively cities like La Paz as well as the natural wonders like Salar de Uyuni. Begin your tour in La Paz experiencing its unique blend of indigenous traditions and colonial history. Shop mystical artifacts at the Witches’ Market and get on cable cars to get on top of the mountains that surround the city. Now time for some adventure. Head to the magnificent salt flats of Salar de Uyuni. It is a prehistoric lake that went dry to form this otherworldly rock formation. Our tours to Bolivia range from 11-14 days. If you have special requirements or want a custom trip, we can arrange those too.

  Bolivia Travel Tips

Make sure you read our travel tips to prepare for your Bolivia tour.
  • It is not safe to drink tap water in Bolivia. Always carry mineral water or bring a water filtration system.
  • Bolivia has the ‘World’s Most Dangerous Road’, the Yungas Highway. It is estimated that around 200 to 300 people die each year on this road.
  • Taxis are one of the safest ways of travel in Bolivia.
  • Make copies of your travel documents and lock your luggage. Pickpocketing is common in public transportation.
  • Head to private clinics when needed. Public hospitals are usually overcrowded and understaffed.

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Best of Bolivia I joined a up with our group in Uyuni & Potosi and had a lovely guide in Sucre, all in English as originally advertised.


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