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Brasil is not only big in size but is also diverse in terms of geography, culture and biodiversity. Our tours will help you explore the best of this nation. Make your way into the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro. You will head to popular landmarks like Christ the Redeemer and relax at Copacabana Beach serving up delicious cocktails. Then take a trip to Salvador, a popular tourist hotspot due to lively music, dances and colonial architecture. After your city adventure, head to the rainforest in the northwestern part of the country. This is home to 430 species of mammals, 1300 birds and 3000 types of fish. With more than 1000 rivers, this place is an absolute treat for nature lovers.

Brasil Travel Tips
  • Make sure you read our travel tips to prepare for your Brasil tour.
  • Uber is a popular option of getting around and it is also safer.
  • Leave your passport in your hotel. Instead carry copies in your travel bag.
  • It is safe to get vaccinated against Yellow Fever before your trip. 10% is usually added to your bill but tipping is still appreciated.
  • Credit cards are widely accepted. VISA, Diners and American Express are the popular options. Mastercard is not very common.

Brasil Tour package

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45 Days

Overland Latin America

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