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Our tours to Perú feature traversing the gorgeous landscapes at Machu Picchu, admiring the rich cultural tapestry at Lima, and exploring the unparalleled beauty of the Sacred Valley. Climb the heights of Alpamayo & Ausangate and discover turquoise lakes hidden in the mountains.

Follow through centuries-old sacred trails through cloud forests at the Inca Trail.

Enjoy a relaxing walking tour in the culturally rich city of Lima and visit Plaza San Martin, Basilica & Convent of San Francisco, and Lima Cathedral. Choose one of our many itinerary options that range from just a single day to three weeks and let you experience the best of Perú.

Perú Travel Tips Make sure you read our travel tips to prepare for your Perú tour.

  • Peru is the third largest country in South America. Therefore, it experiences diverse climates. So, make sure to pack for both warm and cold weather. Please check our suggested equipment section for each region and each specific type of Adventure. We also recommend equipment clothing packs you can purchase directly.
  • Contact iPeru for any emergencies. You can call them at +511 574 800 or email them at Also in most major cities you will find help available from local tourist police, city security angels & many tourist offices.
  • Taxis in Perú do not use a taximeter so use mobile apps (Uber) or phone reservations instead. It's always a good idea to negotiate the price before you enter a taxi if you use a local service.
  • Stay clear of street foods for the first few days of your visit, it's recommended to eat hygienically & also drink bottled water daily (2-3L).
  • If you are concerned about altitude on arrival, please avoid drinking alcohol, stay hydrated by drinking bottled water daily (2-3L), consider arriving at a lower altitude in the Sacred Valley for a few days & get a prescription of Diamox from your doctor before arrival.
  • Always keep a copy of your identity documents with you, and keep your original passport or travel documents safe in your hotel.
  • Tips are not compulsory but guides, drivers, and trekking staff are expected to receive tips after a successful tour.

Selection of Headline Reviews

Backpacker Special Tour Our trip to Peru with Unu Raymi Expeditions was absolutely incredible. Everything was very good, organized by the team. Peru surprised us with its impressive and diverse landscapes, and we saw much more than we expected.
Coast, Machu Picchu & Jungle James and his team planned, booked, confirmed, and followed up on all detail resulting a stress free visit which we cannot fault. The quality of accommodation, guides, transport, drivers and advice was just as we anticipated and such a result does not occur without professional input.
Nevado Qampa & Ausangate Region The Ausangate Region is a great place, I found everything I was looking for. I trekked to the Mirador of Condors (4,990m), & I summited Nevado Qampa (5,550m), overall, a very good expedition.


Perú Tour package

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45 Days

Overland Latin America

Starting From (2 Pax)
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7 Days

Summit Climb to Alpamayo

Starting From (2 Pax)

14 Days

Summit Climb to Alpamayo

Starting From (2 Pax)
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9 Days

18 Days

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11 Days

19 Days

3 Days

5 Days

Lima & the Coast

Starting From (2 Pax)

1 Day

Lima Day Tours

Starting From (2 Pax)
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