The North

Northern Peru

In a country such as Peru, there’s enough to see and do in many of the popular places. So much so that many avid travelers often don’t experience the best unique places & activities.

Make sure you make it an objective to trek to the forgotten citadels, explore an old artisanal market, and get more intimate with living in the heart of Peru’s tiny coastal villages and enchanted Andean valleys.

A handful of these places are easy enough to get to; though others require a bit of grit & determination and the ability to endure a ride on Colectivo buses for some long journeys.

Heading to places off the beaten track, it is always a massive help if you speak a little Spanish & are respectful of the local cultures.

With adventures to these lesser-known & visited destinations, you will have the opportunity to interact more closely with the locals, sites, history, and traditions all of which are the vital ingredients that make Peru special. 

Below is our selection of culturally interesting places to visit in the North of Peru.

Recommended places to visit


o   Sullana

o   Ayabaca: Aypate, Resto Arqueológico Inca

o   Piura

o   Talara: Máncora, Punta Sal & Vichayitos

Recommended places to visit

La Libertad

o   Trujillo

o   Chan-Chan

o   Huaca del Sol y la Luna

o   Huanchaco

Recommended places to visit


o   Granja Porcón

o   Necrópolis de Combayo

o   Ventanillas de Otuzco

o   Hacienda Sangal

o   Chaupirulli (Tambo Inca)

o   Cumbemayo

Recommended places to visit


o   Callejón de Huaylas (lagunas, restos arqueológicos): Huaraz, Carhuaz, Yungay, Caraz, Abra de Llanganuco, Camino María Josefa

o   Callejón de Conchucos: Chavín de Huantar, Piscobamba, Pomabamba, Huari

o   Casma, ciudad y desierto (playas inhóspitas)

Laguna 69
Recommended places to visit


o   La Unión – Huanucopampa

Recommended places to visit


o   Lago de Junín, San Pedro de Cajas

o   Tarma (camino pre-inca, cuevas pre-históricas)

o   Jauja (camino pre – inca)

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