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Climb: Red Valley, Vinicunca & Nevado Del Inka

A great trek and climb plan for trekkers who’d like to get into the discipline of mountain climbing. Trek a topographically interesting mountain route in the first days of your adventure. On the last day climb one of the best introductory mountains in the range to enjoy immense views and revel in your achievements!

Leaving from Cusco; in private transportation early in the morning, you’ll travel 3 hours south to the Ausangate region. Following our arrival; taking the time to check all of our equipment for the climb. You’ll meet up with our arrieros and their mules; the arrieros loading all of our equipment before setting off on this epic Southern Peru adventure.

Nevado del Inka is an introductory level mountain with some relatively steep gradient icewalls (55°) to climb before summiting. It is still an excellent mountain for those looking for their first ascents in mountaineering.

Afterall it is a majestic landscape where you can observe cultural diversity; along with biological diversity of the high Andean areas such as; Vicuña, Vizcacha, Andean fox, Andean face, Andean carpenter and other native species.

✓ Climb one of the famous mountains of the Cordillera Vilcanota, Ausangate region.
✓ Climb & ascend on one the easiest mountains for beginners to glacial climbing.
✓ Trekking, Rock climbing & Snow Climbing Level PD (little difficult).

Breakfast x 6
Lunch x 7
Dinner x 6
Private Transport – collection & drop-off
Professional bilingual high-mountain guide
High-mountain Cook
Muleteer & Mules
All camping equipment (Sleeping bags to hire + Trekking Poles)
Not Included
International Airfare
Hotels before & after (can be organised as part of trip)
Tips for crew
Any additional extras
Domestic flights (can be organised as part of trip)
Crampons, Ice Axe, Harness, Helmet (can be hired as part of trip)
Machu Picchu Extension – Entrance Tickets, Transport & Guide (can be organised as part of trip)
Joining Arrangements There will be a pre-trek briefing held usually the evening before departure, at your hotel, to go over the details of the trek and any specific requirements not already captured.
Food & Water Prior to setting off we recommend you steer clear of street food and only eat in good restaurants, to avoid any stomach complaints. Likewise with tap water, it is largely untreated, please only consume bottled water only or sterilised water if you have the right equipment.
Special Diets We’ll ensure that we cater for all of your dietary needs, at the point of booking we’ll collect this information from you. We can secure special menu requests also for your trek party.
Trekking Crew We are able to customise our treks to suit you, but usually our treks are guided by a professional bilingual guide, mountain cook, arriero (horseman) and mules to carry all equipment (passenger horses also available on request). They become a large part of your trekking expedition and it’s a great experience working together.
This is a really important part of your trip planning process, please find a link below which explains a little more about preparing for altitude. Altitude Preparation
Attached below are a couple of links which will explain how to prepare for your trip & trek in advance of your arrival. We recommend being prepared in advance to save time & stress whilst you’re in Peru. Trip Planning | Trek Planning
Machu Picchu An excursion to Machu Picchu can be included as part of your trip, including professional bilingual guide, entrance tickets, return trip bus tickets, Huayna Picchu & Machu Picchu Mountains (mountain climbs to be confirmed on reservation) & your return train ticket to Cusco. To be confirmed on reservation.
Reservation Please contact us to reserve your trek and we will send you our deposit & payment options.
Customer Service Please feel free to contact us at any point before your trip for any queries or problems.


High-Altitude Pack

El precio original era: $ 725.00.El precio actual es: $ 652.50.

High altitude conditions mean extreme weather conditions, use this pack to keep you warm but breathable while you’re on the move.

Fabric: 100% Alpaca Wool. Sourced, Sheared, & Sewn in Perú
*All packs can be mixed with women’s & men’s items



Alpaca Wool Hoodie: 300 Lightweight Half-Zip
Alpaca Wool Jacket: 420 Midweight Full-Zip
Alpaca Wool Leggings: 300 Lightweight
Alpaca Wool Sweatpants: 420 Midweight

Información adicional

Alpaca Wool

Alpaca wool outperforms merino, offering superior warmth, moisture-wicking, and breathability, keeping you protected on any adventure. Additionally, alpaca wool is sustainable, as alpacas have a low environmental impact and their wool is biodegradable.


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Andy (UK) - South Perú Expedition

diciembre 16, 2023

Unu Raymi tours helped me organize a three-week vacation in Peru. This allowed me to visit many of the country’s most important sites but with the flexibility to add some additional places to my itinerary. The planning was excellent in that all tours, transfers and hotel arrangements were very smooth and the various contacts were very helpful, considerate and professional. Although getting around Peru and seeing all the fabulous sites made for a quick vacation with lots of traveling, it was worth it as there is so much to see. The standards of the hotel, food and tour seemed to be very good value for money, within the budget, and I received plenty of extra guidance in planning my own aspects of the trip and support when an unexpected medical issue arose.

The website has interesting information and guidance that helped me plan accordingly; I think this could develop, although James was very helpful in helping me plan the vacation, including travel and packing considerations. Overall, it was a memorable few weeks for me.

Avatar para Andy Hawkins
Andy Hawkins

Bjorn (NOR) - Mt Vinicunca Trek (Rainbow Mountain), Ausangate, Perú

diciembre 16, 2023

We did a three-day trek. Ausangate is very beautiful with high mountains, glaciers, pretty lakes, and these colors. We came to Rainbow Mountain before the hordes of tourists came. And also, time to see the Red Valley, which is beautiful as well. It was like a private tour. The cook, the guide and the horseman served us well, nice and a lot of food 🙂

Avatar para Bjorn Kare
Bjorn Kare

Boris (USA) - Mt Ausangate Circuit Trek, Ausangate, Perú

diciembre 16, 2023

I am absolutely happy with the trek, there was so much to see! As always there are some options where to go and what to do. After a brief moment of thinking, I made a decision and with the blessing of my spouse, booked the Ausangate Trekking Tour.

I loved. What’s not to love about this? The mountain peaks, the lakes and waterfalls, the unusual flora and fauna… It is difficult, I assure you, to combat altitude sickness, but it is manageable and with proper care it soon passes. Every step and angle is different and the whole place is pure magic. I have met several good people along my way. The organizer Lider and my guide Javier are forever in my heart.

Thank you, thank you, and once again thank you so much guys, you took a huge load of planning off my shoulders. I am in love with the Andes and I want to see and experience more, that’s for sure!

Avatar para Boris Bhorzinsky
Boris Bhorzinsky

Namgyen (VNM) - Ausangate Trek & Climb, Ausangate, Perú

diciembre 16, 2023

Ausangate! This tour was one of the best adventures I had in my life. Overall, this was a thrilling trek, one that tested my limits, left me humbled, and helped me define who I am. I recommend it to any adventure seekers!

This tour was one of the best adventures I had in my life. The guides Eduardo and Herman are friendly, and knowledgeable and were always checking on me since we were at more than 16,000 altitudes. They know the terrain very well and are giving me history and geography lessons along the way. We shared many laughs and stories. Our mountain cook, Jaime, prepared delicious meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and always offered me a hot drink. Pedro, our rider, always had my tent ready at the next campsite! The sites in and around Ausangate are stunning. There are far fewer hikers on this trail than the others, so if you’re looking for peace, this is the hike to take. We had to start very early some days and then. The reward was seeing the crimson sky and the sunrise. Overall, this was an exciting hike, one that tested my limits, humbled me, and helped me define who I am. I recommend it to any adventure seeker!

Avatar para Namgyen Guyen
Namgyen Guyen

Brittany (USA) - Backpacker Special, Perú Edition

diciembre 16, 2023

I would recommend their services without hesitation. I had a multi-week journey in Peru and enlisted the help of Unu Raymi to help me plan my first visit to South America. I had some very specific things I wanted to see, and James was very patient in helping me create an itinerary that included everything that was on my bucket list and more.

Avatar para Brittany Gnau
Brittany Gnau



Leaving at 8 am heading southeast of the City of Cusco, destination Pacchanta, an Andean Alpaca community located at 4,400 masl that has hot springs, more than 10 routes for rock climbers from beginner to advanced level and also has mountains to practice Andinism or high mountain climbing. Arriving by 11 am, get settled in to your lodge and prepare our rock climbing equipment after lunch. It will take an hour to get to the spot where you'll spend 3 hours climbing and rappelling, then go to the hot springs and finally have dinner and rest for the night.
  • Overnight: Pacchanta
  • Accommodation: Mountain Lodge
  • Meals: Lunch, Dinner
Leaving at 8am, it's a quiet ascent for 3-4 hours until reaching the Qampa pass at 5000m, then descending for 2 hours to Suyrupata where you'll have lunch. Continuing the descent for 1 hour and then ascending 1 hour to Hatun Finaya where you'll sleep at 4600m, near the nevados of Ausangate and Mariposa which are both epic mountains of interest to climbers from around the world.
  • Overnight: Hatun Finaya
  • Accommodation: Camping
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
It will be between 2-3 hours to reach El Paso Palomani (5,100 masl), and then descending for an hour to the Ausangate lagoon where you'll have lunch at 4600 masl. Then ascending to El Paso Ausangate at 4900 masl and finally descending to Pukacocha 4600 masl, where you'll have dinner and sleep in front of the face. The West face is the most immense of Ausangate and surrounded by beautiful turquoise lagoons.
  • Overnight: Pukacocha
  • Accommodation: Camping
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Today it will take around 2 hours to reach the Pukamoqo pass at 4,900 masl, then descending for 2 hours to Anantapata at 4,600 masl. Taking lunch here and continuing onwards for about 2 hours to the next pass of Warmisaya 4900 masl; before the final descent for an hour to the Suyrucocha lagoon where you'll sleep at 4,600 masl near the Rainbow Mountain.
  • Overnight: Suyrucocha Laguna
  • Accommodation: Camping
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Leaving early; it's a 2-hour walk to Winikunka or Mountain of Colors located at 5080 masl, to see the sunrise and be the first to see this natural beauty, enjoying some time taking photos and learning about the area. Descending for 2 hours to the base camp of Nevado del Inka where you'll take lunch, dinner and rest.
  • Overnight: Basecamp
  • Accommodation: Camping
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Today will be a walk around the Red Valley of gradual ascent of 2 hours plus 1 hour to reach the Rainbow Mountain where you’ll arrive at 7am; being the first to enjoy the summit. Continuing with the itinerary to descend to the Base Camp if Nevado del Inka where lunch will be taken and rest. Ready for the final attack on the Nevado del Inka the next day.
  • Overnight: Basecamp
  • Accommodation: Camping
  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Leaving early in the morning towards the glacier; which'll take us 3 hours and from there it will be 3-4 hours to the summit of the Nevado del Inka (5,320m) from where we'll have views of the Rainbow Mountain and other glaciers around. Today you'll have a 60m wall climb; 55° degrees of inclination where you'll use stakes and screws for such an ascent. At the end of the climb, you'll leave the mountain rappelling, it will take around 2 hours to get out off the glacier and then 2 hours to reach the base camp where lunch waits! Afterwards, returning to Cusco in approximately 3 hours. An epic journey, it's never goodbye, only until the next time!! Meals: Breakfast, Lunch.

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