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green grass and trees near mountain during daytime
Colombia, Guatemala

Colombia: Lost City & El Mirador Trek

This rugged 15-day trip is ideal for those who want to focus on nature and the outdoors!!

In less than a week, you can experience some of the most phenomenal natural wonders in Guatemala. The Carmelita – El Mirador circuit is located in the Northern part of the Maya Biosphere Reserve, home to more than 200 Mayan cities in a lush tropical rainforest, home to a great diversity of plants and animals. Along 55 km of trails, you will have the opportunity to appreciate the great cities of the Preclassic period, such as El MiradorNakbe and El Tintal and other smaller sites, within the Mayan Forest.

Then begin a four-day trek to the Ciudad Perdida (Lost City) located in the heart of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, a mountain range close to the Caribbean sea. Dubbed as ‘the new Machu Picchu‘, this challenging journey reaches the archaeological ruins of Teyuna – accessible by steep climbs and several river crossings. Continue the adventure with a day exploring Tayrona National Park, and your final nights in Cartegena revelling in the warm Caribbean air!


For travelers who have their sights set on South America, Colombia & Guatemala are offering classic & emerging destinations with up-and-coming metropolises and stunning nature opportunities, this a great trip for those who want to experience a mix of both for a fun, well-rounded adventure.

a path through a forestAM - Get picked up at your hotel in Flores and drive to Carmelita
Arrive to the Carmelita Community & begin on the trail towards El Tintal
Lunch (box lunch) and rest in The Uacute or Florida camp
PM - Arrive to the archaelogical site El Tintal
Dinner and sleep in the El Tintal camp
AM - Breakfast
Begin walking towards El Mirador, Eat a snack at the rest area 'El Zompopero'
Lunch at rest area 'El Jabali' (box lunch)
PM - Visit to the archaeological site La Muerta
Arrive to El Mirador Archaeological Site
Dinner and sleep at the El Mirador camp
AM - Watch sunrise over the ruins (weather permitting)
Tour the center of the ancient city of the Mirador (temple Garra de Jaguar, El Tigre, Grupo Cascabel, Center for Astronomical Commemoration, Las Estelas, and The Central Acropolis)
PM - Explore the Danta pyramid, a 2 km journey from the camp to the great pyramid passing through a wall that surrounds the center of the city.
Watch sunset on top of the Danta Pyramid (weather permitting)
Dinner and rest
AM - Breakfast
Begin hike back to Carmelita
Rest stop and lunch at "El Zompopero"
PM - Arrive at archaelogical site El Tintal, relax
Dinner and rest at El Tintal
body of water and townAM - Breakfast
Hike to Carmelita
PM - Arrive to Carmelita and lunch in the community
Depart the Carmelita Community
Arrive to Flores and say goodbye to your team from here.
Free day to relax and explore Flores.
Free day to relax and explore Flores
cars parked in front of green and white concrete building during daytimeDomestic Flight from Flores to Cartegena, transfer by bus to Santa Marta.
camping in forest during nightimeToday you'll trek for a total of around 3 to 4 hrs, stopping along the way to take a dip in the Gorge of Hondurous, a beautiful natural pool.
Your final stop for the day is Adan’s camp.
Roughly halfway through today’s hike you'll pass through Mutanyi, a meeting town of the Koguis people. Here, you'll have the chance to interact with the locals in order to learn more about their community, history and traditions. In the evening, you'll have the opportunity to take a dip in the nearby Rio Buritaca before heading to dinner and then to bed in Paraiso Camp.
green grass and trees near mountain during daytimeAfter an early breakfast, you are back on the road and the first challenge of the day presents itself in the form of 1,200 stone steps, which lead to the much anticipated Lost City. After lunch, you continue trekking back to Numake Camp where you'll spend the night.
a large body of water surrounded by a forestToday is spent trekking back through the jungle to the Adan Camp or Alfredo Camp.
Upon arrival you'll have the opportunity to take a dip in the nearby Gorge of Honduras before heading to dinner.
green mountain beside body of water during daytimeYou'll make your way back to the Mamey region.
After lunch you will be transferred back to the hotel in Santa Marta and enjoy the remainder of the day at leisure.
a view of a beach with a palm tree in the foregroundToday you'll begin a day trek to Arrecifes within the Tayrona National Park.
Sitting on the Caribbean coast, this park is a national treasure and encompasses pristine beaches, picturesque forests and a huge variety of flora and fauna.
airplane flying during daytimeTransfer from your hotel to the bus station in Santa Marta - Cartegena
Arrival to the Airport for onward departure (domestic or international).

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