Mountain Statistics

Location: Ancash, Peru
Mountain Range: Cordillera Blanca
Name: Alpamayo
Altitude: 5,947m
Level: D
Terrain & Route: Ferrari route, is situated on the southwest face of the mountain.
Number of Days: 6-19
Experience: Glacial ravine crossing and rappelling.


Widely regarded as the worlds ‘most beautiful mountain‘, Nevado Alpamayo stands at an impressive 5,947m, and its neighboring peaks Jancarurish and Quitaraju, as well as Laguna Jancarurish directly below.


The most common climbing route, is commonly known as the Ferrari route, situated on the southwest face of the mountain. It is generally known to be a difficult climb, requiring good crampon and ice climbing technique.

There are incredible & immense views of steep glacial ice faces, ice peaks, & mountain ridges like those of Huandoy NorteArtesonraju and Huascaran Norte, which many consider to be comparable to the best of scenery in the Himalayas.

It is possible to have instruction on basic climbing techniques and safety for first time climbers or people with only limited climbing experience. Includes practice using knots, roping up, use of crampons & ice axe, self arrests, glacier travel, crevasse awareness, rappel, belay, snow stakes, ice screws.

The program below is developed for people who want to take their time for some photography; and enjoy the natural wilderness and the surrounding mountain ranges in expedition form. Hence; it is recommended to do a trek beginning in Vaquería which is a starting point of our 9 or 10 day Alpamayo circuit trek.

During this trek you will enjoy different valleys with mountains of the Cordillera Blanca; also you will not only be able to see the pictures attached but encounter for yourself the pyramidal shape of the mountain Alpamayo.

Climb Highlights

Learn Snow & Ice climbing techniques on an included training course
Meet locals on your way through the peaks and valleys of the Cordillera Blanca
Discover stunning turquoise lakes hidden among snowy peaked mountains
Camp on icy mountaintops with unparalleled views of surrounding peaks
Reach the Alpamayo summit and rappel down to High Camp



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