Mountain Statistics

Location: Ausangate, Peru
Mountain Range: Cordillera Vilcanota
Name: Ausangate
Altitude: 6,348m
Level: AD
Terrain & Route: Climbing route and details: the normal route is via the South Face; steep entrance 45 ° – 700m unevenness.
Number of Days: 4-10
Experience: Glacial ravine crossing and rappelling.


The Ausangate Region is a special place; it’s far enough outside of Cusco to be considered remote but it’s also near enough to be accessible for a wonderful adventure. Often you will encounter small poblados (small local communities); with many farming llamas for their way of life.

Many children will greet you, often after ‘dulces’ (sweets) to savour. Also a lot of the houses & shelters in the area don’t have basic utilities such as electricity, gas, tap water; things we take for granted in more developed countries.

This is a remote region to trek in, but close enough to Cusco to be accessible. You’ll trek close to the Ausangate Nevada along with taking in Rainbow Mountain (Mt. Vinicunca) and Red Valley. Whilst circumnavigating the Ausangate nevada you’ll hit many high mountain passes, getting up to around 5,200m.


The Apu Ausangate is the fifth highest mountain in Peru; and is part of the Cordillera Vilcanota, Central Andes of South America. At 6,384 masl; it’s the highest peak in the Cordillera Vilcanota.

Similarly; Ausangate is probably the most well-known peak for mountaineering in Cusco. This nevada can be spotted rising from the skyline from many vantage places in the city of Cusco. Trek alongside this amazing nevada; then scale the summit to enjoy rare 360º views of this epic mountain range.

Good aerobic fitness & health, previous high-mountain experience and altitude acclimatization is required.
Also it’s important you are able to use climbing equipment independently. As well as moving across glaciers and crossing ravines; cracks and scaling vertical walls between 60 to 75 degrees of incline; and rappel independently.

Climb Highlights
– Improve your mountaineering to level AD.
– Climb & ascend the most famous mountain of the Cusco Region and Southern Peru.
– Summit to enjoy rare 360º views of this epic mountain range.


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