Nevado Del Inka

Mountain Statistics

Location: Ausangate, Peru
Mountain Range: Cordillera Vilcanota
Name: Del Inka
Altitude: 5,320m
Level: PD
Terrain & Route: Trail path with direct access to the glacier and an easy crossing to its summit.
Number of Days: 2-3
Experience: Beginner Level



A great trek and climb plan for trekkers who’d like to get into the discipline of mountain climbing. Trek a topographically interesting mountain route, to the famous Rainbow Mountain & Red Valley, in the first days of your adventure.

In the last few days climb one of the best introductory mountains in the range to enjoy immense views and revel in your achievements!

Leaving from Cusco; in private transportation early in the morning, you’ll travel 3 hours south to the Ausangate region.

Following your arrival; take the time to check the equipment for the climb. You’ll meet up with our arrieros and their mules; the arrieros loading all of our equipment before setting off on this epic adventure.


Nevado del Inka is an introductory level mountain with some relatively steep gradient ice walls (55°) to climb before summiting. It is still an excellent mountain for those looking for their first ascents in mountaineering.

✓ Climb one of the famous mountains of the Cordillera Vilcanota, Ausangate region.
✓ Climb & ascend on one of the easiest mountains for beginners to glacial climbing.
✓ Trekking, Rock climbing & Snow Climbing Level PD (little difficult).

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