Mountain Statistics

Location: Ancash, Peru
Mountain Range: Cordillera Blanca
Name: Pisco
Altitude: 5,750m
Level: PD (Little Difficult)
Terrain & Route: Trail path to glacier base & glacial climb, with wall gradients between 35-40°
Number of Days: 3
Experience: Some mountain experience at altitude required


Nevado Pisco is a very popular summit to peak in the Cordillera Blanca. It’s location among the highest mountains of the range such as Huascarán; ChopicalquiHuandoys and Chacraraju are an incredible sight to see; it is one of the most spectacular views in the Cordillera Blanca.

Following then; the start point for this climb is located in Quebrada Llanganuco or Llanganuco Valley. From Huaraz you’ll take a ‘colectivo’ (public bus) to the town of Yungay (1 hour) or private transportation can be arranged if you are part if you are part of a group.

In Yungay you’ll take another bus to Pisco base camp in Llanganuco valley. There are two lagoons located here: Laguna Chinancocha and Laguna Orconcoha. So then; you’ll arrive to to the Pisco Base Camp, located in the first bend at 77km, called “La Curva” or (Cebollapampa); which is about 5km beyond the second laguna Orconcoha.

Pisco is a relatively easy climb and it’s not necessary to have previous experience of mountaineering when you climb with a certified guide.

Climb Highlights

Meet locals on your way through the peaks and valleys of the Cordillera Blanca
Discover stunning lakes hidden among snowy peaked mountains
Climb one of the famous mountains of the Cordillera Blanca.
Climb & ascend one of the more moderate mountains for beginners to glacial climbing.

Treks & Expedition Routes

Summit Pisco | Santa Cruz Trek & Pisco Summit | Pisco & Chopicalqui



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