Mountain Statistics

Location: Ancash, Peru
Mountain Range: Cordillera Blanca
Name: Vallunaraju
Altitude: 5,685m
Level: PD (Little Difficult)
Terrain & Route: Trail path to glacier base & glacial climb, with wall gradients between 35-40°
Number of Days: 2-3
Experience: Some mountain experience at altitude required


Vallunaraju is a very popular summit to peak in the Cordillera Blanca. Vallunaraju is located in the central part of Cordillera Blanca, it is the nearest mountain to go climbing starting from the city of Huaraz and it is considered a moderate climb.

The day you’ll go to the summit you will have an amazing view of many peaks around, all the city and the Cordillera Negra. To climb this peak it’s not necessary to have any previous experience. However it is a moderately difficult climb and you will need a couple of day hikes in Huaraz to acclimatize; this is only in case if you are a newcomer to mountain terrain at altitude.

Climb Highlights

Meet locals on your way through the peaks and valleys of the Cordillera Blanca
Discover stunning lakes hidden among snowy peaked mountains
Climb one of the famous mountains of the Cordillera Blanca.
Climb & ascend one of the more moderate mountains for beginners to glacial climbing.

Treks & Expedition Routes

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