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January: What to do in Perú

Iquitos (North)

Amazon Jungle in Iquitos is the gateway to the Amazon River in the Northern part of Peru. In the northeast of the country, you’ll find the remotely located city of Iquitos. Mainly accessible by domestic flight, but for those adventurous spirits, you can arrive by river boat. From Iquitos, you will also have access to the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve which is abundantly full of local wildlife.  

As Peru’s largest natural protected area, the northern amazon is a wonderful place to spot monkeys, sloths, and amazing pink river dolphins. There are rich cultural experiences to have here, including mixing with local communities and experiencing local traditions such as the fiesta of San Juan.

The Amazon River confluences to join the Marañon (Yurimaguas) and Ucayali Rivers (Pucallpa & Tarapoto) which connect to the South of the country, and there are great adventures to be had along these trunk rivers too.

Manu Reserve (South)

Manu National Park is a protected reserve to the north of the Tambopata region. Located equidistantly between Puerto Maldonado and Machu Picchu, this is another perfect zone for wildlife spotting, bird watching, and river exploring on the Alto Madre de Dios River and others.

Elevations in the park range from 500 to 14,000ft (150 – 4,200m) so you have a vantage point of the biospheres from the different forest floors to the mountain peaks. It’s a very unique place, with a traditional cultural heritage much like the North, where the Andes and the Amazon meet.

Tambopata (South)

Puerto Maldonado is the gateway to the Amazon in the South, with the Madre de Dios River winding its way through the heart of the jungle here. A visit to this region provides travelers with easy access to the Tambopata National Reserve and also probably the best selection of jungle eco-lodges in the Amazon Jungle.

Traveling through this zone you’ll discover oxbow lakes, macaws at clay licks, and if you’re lucky even a giant river otter. This part of the Amazon has Bolivia just to the east and with strong links to Cusco in the west, it’s a perfect location to combine with other activities & tours in Peru. 



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