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Let the trekking commence: Peru is very well known for its vast array of different trekking routes, and April is the perfect month for those who wish to explore on foot.

The beginning of the dry season heralds the real start of the tourist season and you will notice the hubbub it generates in many of the popular cities in Peru.

Best trekking options include the breathtaking Rainbow MountainAusangate Region (Cordillera Vilcanota), or hike through the dense mountain paths of SalkantayChoquequirao and the lesser known routes of Vilcabamba.


Semana Santa (also known as Holy Week) is included as one of the important celebrations in Peru. A great portion of the Peruvian population is Catholic and, for this reason, Easter has a very strong significance to most.

If you arrive to Peru during this period, you will witness long vigils, huge processions, and holy masses. It’s recommended to head for CuscoAyacucho, and Arequipa if you would like to enjoy some of the most stunning celebrations.

Cusco Climate Conditions

April, like March, in Cusco, is another enjoyable autumn month, with average temperature fluctuating between 19.7°C (67.5°F) and 5.1°C (41.2°F).


In Cusco, the average high-temperature in April is relatively the same as in March – a still comfortable 19.7°C (67.5°F). The average low-temperature, in April, is 5.1°C (41.2°F).


In April, the average relative humidity is 61%.


In Cusco, Peru,, during 8 rainfall days, 43.2mm (1.7″) of precipitation is typically accumulated. In Cusco, during the entire year, the rain falls for 102 days and collects up to 707.8mm (27.87″) of precipitation.


The average length of the day in April is 11.8h.


In April, the average sunshine in Cusco is 7h.


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