10 Day
Tour Type
Jungle Lodge
Group Size
Max People : 15

Iquitos & Amazon Jungle (Lodge & Cruise)


On arrival into Lima; spend the night here before transferring to Iquitos to spend your first few days at canopy level in the forest. Your personal treehouse bungalow gets you up off the jungle floor; and helps you enjoy the airy relief from the heat and humidity.

Delfin III – Jungle Boat Cruise
All of our itineraries have been carefully crafted to showcase the best flora and fauna that the Marañon and Ucayali Rivers in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve have to boast; along with offering ideal soft adventure excursions for travelers to further discover the secrets of the Peruvian Amazonia.

Itineraries will vary based on whether the travel dates fall in the high water/rainy season or low water/dry season.

All activities are optional; although we encourage all travelers to tempt their adventurous side. 2-3 times daily excursions (one in the morning, one in the afternoon) may include but are not limited to kayaking in the calm creeks and lakes; swimming with dolphins; fishing for piranhas at sunset; skirting the riverbanks in search of playful creatures; birdwatching; trail walks, and visits to local communities to interact with the native people.

Optional early bird watching excursions before breakfast are also available; for those who are up for the challenge on their Peru adventure!

Breakfast x 9
Lunch x 8
Dinner x 7
Private Transport – collection & drop-off
Professional bilingual guide
River boats for location transfers along river
Hotel in Lima accommodation x2 nights
Cruise liner accommodation for x4 nights
Jungle Lodge Accommodation for x3 nights
Wildlife excursions as outlined in itinerary
Domestic flights from Lima to Iquitos (return)

Not Included
International Airfare
Hotels before & after (can be organised as part of trip)
Tips for crew
Any additional extras
Travel & Adventure Insurance (we highly recommend some form of medical evacuation insurance)


Joining Arrangements There will be a pre-trek briefing held usually the evening before departure, at your hotel, to go over the details of the trek and any specific requirements not already captured.
Food & Water Prior to setting off we recommend you steer clear of street food and only eat in good restaurants, to avoid any stomach complaints. Likewise with tap water, it is largely untreated, please only consume bottled water only or sterilised water if you have the right equipment.
Special Diets We’ll ensure that we cater for all of your dietary needs, at the point of booking we’ll collect this information from you. We can secure special menu requests also for your trek party.
Trekking Crew We are able to customise our treks to suit you, but usually our treks are guided by a professional bilingual guide, mountain cook, arriero (horseman) and mules to carry all equipment (passenger horses also available on request). They become a large part of your trekking expedition and it’s a great experience working together.
This is a really important part of your trip planning process, please find a link below which explains a little more about preparing for altitude. Altitude Preparation
Attached below are a couple of links which will explain how to prepare for your trip & trek in advance of your arrival. We recommend being prepared in advance to save time & stress whilst you’re in Peru. Trip Planning | Trek Planning
Machu Picchu An excursion to Machu Picchu can be included as part of your trip, including professional bilingual guide, entrance tickets, return trip bus tickets, Huayna Picchu & Machu Picchu Mountains (mountain climbs to be confirmed on reservation) & your return train ticket to Cusco.
Covid-19 (Coronavirus) We are working with the latest protocols issued by the Ministerio de Salud (Ministry of Health) to ensure our operations are safe and compliant for the future. We also have access to on-call health services for your time with us.
Covid-19 (Useful Links) World Health Organisation | World Health Organisation – Peru | Covid-19 Data – Peru | Covid-19 Daily Statistics
Available Discounts Throughout 2022 we’re offering a 15% discount for each member of a group larger than 4+
Reservation Please contact us to reserve your trek and we will send you our deposit & payment options.
Customer Service Please feel free to contact us at any point before your trip for any queries or problems.



On arrival, you'll transfer to your hotel, located right outside the arrivals terminal of Lima Airport. A place to rest for the night before taking a domestic flight the following day to Iquitos for your Peru Amazon Tours.
  • Hotel Recommendation: Ramada Wyndham Costa del Sol
Late morning / Early Afternoon: Transfer to Iquitos Jungle lodge. During this 3 Day & 2 Night stay, your jungle guides will take you deep into the largest, most diverse natural areas in the world. This luxury rainforest expedition includes some of our most popular activities including - nighttime caiman excursion, bird watching excursion, piranha fishing, rainforest hiking, visit with native Amazonian tribes, canoe rides, viewing of pink river dolphins and much more! Reception and pick-up from Iquitos. This excursion is a guest favourite. We will often recommend that you enjoy these excursions on the day of your arrival at the Treehouse Lodge. It’s the perfect kick-off to an incredible time in the Peruvian Amazon. Just before dusk, you will boat along the Yarapa and Ucayali rivers until you reach the Amazon proper. The world famous Pink and Gray river dolphins will start to appear near your boat while the sunset gives the perfect backdrop. Take a moment to breathe the freshest air on the planet. Listen to the sounds of the Amazon as you start to welcome nightfall. Just after sunset you will head back to the Lodge and prepare for an evening and night of Amazonian adventures.
  • Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch
Community Visits. If you’re looking for a way to truly experience the Peruvian natives, this is it. Visit an Amazon community and interact with the river people who still preserve their traditions, ancient knowledge, and even language. You'll get to explore their homes made out of wood and palm trees to see how they live, what they cook, and the way they survive using the natural resources of the rainforest. You’ll find it fascinating to see how they have adapted to coexist with their environment, sharing their space with countless insects, dangerous animals and poisonous plants that can be used to kill or cure depending on preparation. The river people are skillful craft makers and have a communal house where you have the chance to purchase their beautifully hand-crafted items made using materials found in the Amazon jungle. Dugout Canoe Trip. For centuries, River people have moved along the Amazonian rivers on dugout canoes. Even today, this mode of transportation is the best way to explore the creeks: navigating slow, listening to the sounds of the jungle, and observing nature, attempting to imitate the exact way ribereño people see the forest. If you are a bird watcher from the canoes, you can observe and take pictures of many species of birds that feed and make nests close to the river shores. Many species of primates such as brown capuchins, squirrel monkeys, and saddle backed tamarins are easy to spot. You may even be able to observe rare and elusive creatures such as the river otters from the dugout canoes. At some point we will stop and fish for piranha! We will carry aboard wooden poles, with string and meat. When the piranha bites, you lift up the pole and voila. Not to worry, we will retrieve the fish for you.
  • Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Fish for Piranhas. One of our most popular excursions, this will be one of the great adventures you have while visiting Treehouse Lodge. Travel by boat to one of the many great piranha fishing spots in the area. Armed with a wooden pole, string, hook, and meat, you will lower the bait into the water. When the piranhas strike (and they will!), simply lift up the pole. Don’t worry, we will retrieve the fish for you. We have yet to have a guest that hasn’t succeeded. Once you’re done you can choose to catch-and-release, or, if you prefer, the chefs at Treehouse Lodge will prepare the piranha as a side dish to your nightly meal. Jungle Walk: Night Monkeys, Sloths, Hoatzins, and More Join this jungle walk to witness the only nocturnal monkey that can be spotted during the daytime. These primates make their homes in tree holes and, once located, can be seen sticking their heads out to take a peek. You will walk along a trail that runs close to an old tree where these night monkeys can be seen. They have a good sense of hearing, are very curious, and apparently evolved into nocturnal animals in order to avoid competition over food. On this walk there is also a chance that you can spot any of the following species of monkeys: owl monkey, pigmy marmoset, monk saki, squirrel, red howler, duski titi, wooly monkey, and tamarins.
  • Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Arrival to Iquitos: Collection on arrival and transfer to the embarkation point, happy hour orientation, Marayali excursion. Your Amazon journey takes off on arrival in Iquitos, where we will pick you up and take you to our vessel. In the following days, you will experience an ideal combination of natural wonders, dramatic scenery, indigenous cultural history, and a relaxed self-contained way to explore the rainforest while sightseeing nature at its best. Here in the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, you are about to explore one of the world’s most intriguing environments. Flora and fauna are abundant and time seems to stands still.
  • Meals included: Dinner
Amazon Park: Jungle trail and canopy walk Every day, we recommend getting up early to appreciate the vibrant zones of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. Early rising is always rewarding since wildlife is most abundant and active with the rising of the sun. Trail walks at destinations such as Fundo Casual jungle trail and others will take you deep into the rainforest on terra firme (non-flooded forest) where your guide will point out dynamic creatures and vegetation of the Amazon. A local assistant may also accompany you; these people are natives of the jungle and are able to bring you closer to different animals such as frogs, snakes, and insects. The activity level of these walks are light; we provide rubber boots and rain ponchos in case of inclement weather. Yanayacu Pucate: skiff exploration, paddle boarding & swimming with dolphins For all short transport (such as from the vessel to land for hiking) and wildlife seeking excursions, you will travel via skiff boats. Our skiffs are quick to launch, stable to ride, and ready to navigate into the most hidden corners of the Amazon. Each skiff seats 8 passengers and come with their own expert naturalist guide, captain, and features all safety regulations. Excursions and itineraries are dependent on natural and weather conditions and are thus subject to change. Please let us know in advance with any questions or special requests. Upholding the reputation of its salt water dwelling kin, the Amazon river dolphin is social, friendly and extremely intelligent, making it one of the highlights of a visit to the Amazon Basin. They also love the company of humans. When you visit the Amazon, don’t be afraid to go for a swim with these remarkable creatures. Make sure you bring your bathing suit and a waterproof camera.
  • Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Fundo Casual: skiff exploration & Jungle trail walk Exploring the jungle by day is only half the fun as the adventures continue past sundown. The groups embark on skiffs once again as they make their way back from the daytime expedition. The first thing you will notice are the sounds. The sound of the jungle at night is intense, and unlike anything, you have ever experienced. Look up to the sky and you´ll find another marvel, as the star patterns are so visible and dense, it´s like peering through a window into outer space. The groups are led by our expert guides who will direct your attention to creatures which often go unseen. This is your chance to spot the black caimans, bats, frogs, and other nocturnal creatures. The night safaris are a unique experience and one you won’t forget.
  • Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Amazonas Village: visit to Ribereno community, union of the rivers & birdwatching. Bird watching enthusiasts will greatly enjoy the sheer number of diverse bird species. The Amazon is second to none when it comes to biodiversity, boasting over 1500 species of birds – that is 20% of the total number of species on the planet! The Pacaya Samiria is especially diverse having little human interference to disrupt the natural habitat. The expeditions set out early in the morning on the skiffs in order to see the most impressive display of birds. Professional guides, accompany you and answer any questions you may have. The guides have grown up in the region and have deep knowledge of the wildlife. Whether you bring your camera or just your memory, the experience will surely not disappoint. Yarapa River: kayaking & skiff exploration Delfin Amazon Cruises is proud to offer Native brand 16” River Kayaks to both the Delfin I & Delfin II. These kayaks make for excellent opportunities to paddle smoothly and silently into small creeks, tributaries, and lagoons. They have been especially designed with durability and stability for fishing trips, meaning that in the calm waters of the Pacaya Samiria, you are able to gently row downstream. Delfin I has 4 kayaks, while Delfin II has 5 kayaks. Each kayak seats 2 persons.
  • Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Disembarkation, Rescue & Rehabilitation Center of River Mammals (ACOBIA) As part of your Amazonian cruising journey, you will visit the Rescue & Rehabilitation Center of River Mammals (ACOBIA) close to Iquitos where you will have the chance to meet baby manatees and learn about these wonderful and docile creatures and why they are on the endangered species list. On your visit, you will also have the chance to pet and feed these kind manatees. In addition, there are other animals cared for by the center that have been rescued from capture for the intention of being turned into pets and other threatening conditions. These include monkey species, river otters, and more. A band of dedicated volunteers work hard all year round to ensure their efforts are sustained. We welcome you to donate to this ambitious organization and education center as you wish. At the end of 8 exhilarating days of your Peru adventure, we’ll transfer to the airport for your connecting domestic flight out to Lima. Arrival late afternoon & transfer to Miraflores.
  • Hotel Accommodation: Villa Barranco or Atemporal
  • Meals included: Breakfast
In the late afternoon, after you’ve had time in Miraflores & Barranco, we’ll collect you from your hotel and transfer you to the airport in time for your international flights out (1am – 10th September). It’s never goodbye, only until the next time!.
  • Meals included: Breakfast

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